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PGR4 DLC hits this Valentine's Day

Having spent the last few months polishing off The Club, Bizarre Creations just released word of brand new downloadable content for Project Gotham Racing 4. On Thursday, February 14, two content packs will be released for the latest installment in the popular racing franchise, the Free Challenge Pack and the Premium Challenge Pack. The Free Challenge Pack is, well, free and includes the design contest winning Peugeot Flux as well as two new game modes. The two new modes include, Tourist Mode which allows players to take in the sights with their friends over Xbox Live and Free Roam Cat and Mouse where a slow mouse vehicle must avoid enemy cats. The Premium Challenge Pack includes the free pack content, 7 additional cars, 3 bikes and the World Challenge Arcade Mode, which gives you 20 arcade events in 3 themed chapters for 400MS points. Additionally, the packs include an auto-update for PGR4 that sports 10 new achievements, 3 of which are exclusive to the Premium pack. Time to strap back into the driver's seat people!

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