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CoX Server Cap reminder


As Lighthouse announced on 6 February, NCsoft has made significant investment in the CoX servers to assist with the current concerns for Double XP weekend as well as for future events, but there's still the possibility that servers will reach loads that risk performance degradation. At such times, they may have to lock players out of specific servers until the load lessens. While this is an unpopular decision with players who want to use specific servers, NCsoft feels that it's a necessary step to take in order to ensure game play for all players on the server is not severely negatively impacted.

Based on this concern, they have instituted a server cap, and when servers that have reached their maximum allowable capacity they will show as grayed out with a status of Full. Unfortunately, the server load seems to be hitting the West Coast servers particularly hard, as Freedom and Virtue were bouncing between yellow and red most of Friday afternoon and well into the night. Then again, as Lighthouse noted, "The Freedom server is accommodating more players than it, or any other City of Heroes server has, ever has before in recent history. In reviewing the last several years of log files I can't find where we've even been within 30% of the new number." That being said, if you have any issues with, concerns over, or questions about the server cap, please don't hesitate to visit the official forums.

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