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Motorola's TEXEL in the wild?

Chris Ziegler

That alleged leak of Moto's 2008 lineup last year in Amsterdam is looking more and more legit pretty much by the minute. First, we got a glimpse of what appears to be the Skarven -- a phone that'll probably become the Z12 kick slider at retail -- a few days ago, and now an alleged shot of the TEXEL candybar has turned up. As much flak as Motorola has taken recently for yawnfest industrial design, we've gotta say that we're sort of digging what they've thrown together with the TEXEL here (assuming it's real, of course). The striped keypad is vaguely attractive, the display looks plenty big, and we'll always take a few touch sensitive controls to turn up the sexy factor a notch or three. If the originally leaked specs on this one turn out to be accurate, it'll be a ROKR-branded piece with a morphing keypad in the same vein as the E8 and should break cover in the first few months of the year. We're going to cautiously -- nay, very cautiously say that you're headed in the right direction here, Moto.

[Thanks, deuxani]

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