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The Daily Grind: Do you read patch notes?

One of myriad things that World of Warcraft seems to have brought to the fore is that many people seem to pay a great deal of attention to patch notes on test servers. With Patch 2.4 releasing to test last night, there was much talk about it over Vent in my guild. Sure, there were people who checked them in earlier games, but it just never seemed to provoke as many complaints or happy-dancing as test patches do in WoW. (There again, you could argue that it may well be proportional, honestly.)

Still, quite a few of my guild-mates seemed extremely nonchalant about it, to the point of almost being "meh" on the entire concept. As one said, everything on test is hypothetical until released. Another one chimed in that he just doesn't want the surprise ruined; new content at endgame is worth its weight in gold. Today we thought we'd ask you if you're the type to pounce all over patch notes and digest every nuance? Do you instead skim patch notes for only class-related items? Or do you think reading patch notes at all spoils the fun of discovering it yourself?

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