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Talasites to be slightly less useless in 2.4

Alex Ziebart

For those of you who like Spell Haste, I have good news! Patch 2.4 is bringing you a few new Jewelcrafting recipes to reduce your Global Cooldown. Noble Topaz, Dawnstones, and our good friends the Talasites all recieve a new cut.

  • Quick Dawnstone - +8 Spell Haste Rating
  • Reckless Noble Topaz - +4 Spell Haste Rating and +5 Spell Damage
  • Forceful Talasite - +4 Spell Haste Rating and +6 Stamina
While the effectiveness of Spell Haste is still up for debate, new options for gems are always good. I have a feeling this won't do much to help the Talasite market, the +Stam/Resil cut didn't even help much, but at least it's another use for the things. I'm pretty sure everyone who plays WoW has a stack of them sitting in the bank.

Additionally, we have a few new metagems coming our way!

  • Eternal Earthstorm Diamond - +12 Defense Rating & +10% Shield Block Value. Requires at least 2 blue gems and 1 yellow gem.
  • Ember Skyfire Diamond - +14 Spell Damage & +2% Intellect. Requires at least 3 red gems.
Again, variety is good! Some of these gems are more impressive than others, and the thing that leaps out at me is the fact that the Ember Skyfire Diamond will go hand in hand with the new Spirit buff very well.

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