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The hardware behind delivering Super Bowl XLII in HD

Darren Murph

If you'll recall, we took an in-depth look at exactly what it took to deliver Super Bowl XL to the masses, and just days after Super Bowl XLII concluded, we're now finding out what hardware is to thank for bringing Super Bowl XLII to (most of) us in glorious high-definition. Reportedly, the bulk of the praise should be directed to mobile production company Game Creek, which brought six HD production trucks and 25 HD cameras to Glendale for the big game. Of course, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Also on location was an HD vehicle from NEP Supershooters that featured a Sony BVP900 and 950 HD cameras alongside a plethora of switching equipment and audio consoles. Needless to say, there was more kit at this single game than can be covered here, so go on and hit the read link below to get a better understanding of just how massive the production process really is.

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