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Book 12 updater available via torrent

Kyle Horner

Those looking to download and patch their Lord of the Rings Online client ahead of time look no further. A torrent (available here) made by Turbine allows those with the Book 11 patch to pre-patch themselves and thus log in right away after server maintenance is over this Wednesday. New players can't use the patch as it only supports those with the Book 11 patch, but hey at least everyone else can, right?

Well, not exactly. If you've got the EU version of Lord of the Rings Online, then you're sadly out of luck as this patch won't work for you -- so it isn't all sunshine and daisies. This patch also won't work for the Roheryn preview server -- no surprise there, though. We're unsure as to why European players are left in the cold, but at least everyone else can get themselves pre-patched as soon as they like.

Still, it's always nice when a developer goes out of there way to make sure most players can get right into the new patched up game after downtime ends. Hopefully next time they'll just make sure to have the EU players covered as well.

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