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Buggy Lost Planet demo pulled from PSN, new demo coming soon


Last week's PSN update brought us the demo of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, but numerous glitches and user complaints have forced Capcom to pull the demo from the Playstation Network, promising to return it once the problems have been solved.

Posting on the official Playstation.Blog, a Capcom representative states that the fixed version will "accurately reflect" the game's online features. The servers for the demo have been also been shut down temporarily, so anyone who has already downloaded the demo will find themselves unable to log on to play. The Capcom rep promises that the team is working hard to deliver the update as soon as possible.

Though removing content for bug-fixes is a tad more unorthodox than simply releasing an update, we assume the issues with the Lost Planet demo were severe enough to warrant its removal, and we're all for whatever gets that content as clean and optimized as possible.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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