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Cox vows to keep analog signals around for three years after cutover

Darren Murph

We already heard that the FCC was giving broadcasters a bit more flexibility with the 2009 digital TV switchover, and apparently, Cox Communications is taking full advantage of its rights. According to the cable company's own website, it will be keeping analog signals around for three full years after US television stations switch over to digital broadcasts on February 17, 2009. More specifically, the firm states that it "recognizes that some customers will still have analog-only TVs [after the cutover date]," thus it has promised to continue offering "analog broadcast signals for at least three years after the deadline for those customers that have not upgraded all TVs to Cox Digital Cable." And if you were curious, Cox also proclaims that said signal will be "down-converted from its digital format," but doesn't stop to encourage site visitors to, oh we don't know, apply for a coupon and pick up a DTV converter box. Either way, it's this or hand out free STBs.

[Image courtesy of ViandsEnterprises, thanks Student Driver]

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