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Crush your enemies with a repeatable battleground quest in 2.4

Amanda Dean

Have you ever wondered what to do with your spare battleground marks? You've got all the PvP mounts and are well stocked up on potions. It looks like in patch 2.4 you will be able tot urn them in for honor. Our friends at MMO Champion posted a screenshot of the new repeatable battleground quest. To complete the quest, just bring the quest giver a mark of honor from each of the four battlegrounds and they hand you honor. The first time you complete the quest you also get about twelve gold along with the honor. Each subsequent turn-in is worth 319 honor, no gold.

This is excellent news for players who have been battling away for honor rewards but have been at a loss for what to do with extra marks. No more tokens decaying away in mail boxes. Since this is a repeatable quest, not a daily, quest players will be able to turn in their excess marks right away. If you have a hundred of each mark ready to turn in when the Sunwell patch goes live, you'll be looking at 31,900 honor. Be prepared!

Of course all things on the public test realm are subject to adjustment or deletion. After disappointing news about battleground changes, this is pretty exciting.

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