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Dead Space may provide scares without pause

Justin McElroy

To hear the devs of EA's upcoming Dead Space tell it, the pause option is the wimp's way out, just a way for you to grab a vine and pull yourself, breathless, out of the lightning sands of terror which they have crafted. In fact, they're so down on it, they're considering leaving the tride-and-true pause feature on the cutting room floor (or, perhaps, recycling it into uncomfortable silences or theatrical intermissions).

But are we the only ones who don't normally use the pause button to catch our breath but rather when life gets in the way of gaming? Is EA telling us we shouldn't interrupt our play to enjoy a refreshing soda or answer a creditor's phone call? Either way, the decision to remove pause is theirs, but if their pauseless game scares the crap out of us, we're sending them the cleaning bill.

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