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Empty wine jugs make a fine 6.1 surround system -- who knew?

Darren Murph

Ever had the itch to construct a surround sound system of your very own? Do you have an embarrassingly large stockpile of four- to five-liter wine jugs? If you answered yes to both of the aforementioned inquiries (and you're at least halfway sober), Carlo Rossi has just the thing for you. Apparently, it felt the need to dish out DIY instructions for converting a number of its Sangria containers into a 6.1-channel surround system, and as with most projects, we'd also recommend you not take this one on while under the influence -- ironic though that may be. Ready to get started? Put down (or pick up?) the brown bag and hit the links below.

[Via UberReview]
Read - The Sangria Surround Sound System [PDF]
Read - Carlo Rossi's JugSimple

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