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Guardian: UK plans legally enforceable game ratings

Ross Miller

According to British newspaper The Guardian, a new classification system is set to be introduced for video games sold in the United Kingdom. The proposal would deem the rating system legally binding, making it against the law for retailers to sell games to persons below the recommended age rating.

The Guardian does not state who would be responsible for administering the new ratings, although a likely candidate would be the British Board of Film Classification, who spearheaded the Manhunt 2 ban. Although we're hesitant whenever the government tries to step in and tell us what to play (that whole censorship thing), perhaps with a new system they can implement a rating that would allow games like Manhunt 2 to be carried. (Hey, we can dream.)

The proposal also goes into ways the government can restrict children from seeing unsuitable games (don't forget all new consoles have family settings) and internet content. A commissioned review of violence and video games is due next month.

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