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LG gets official with the KF700, KF600, and KF510


You've seen these babies in one form or another over the past year or so (give or take), but now LG has gotten all mushy and official with us on its lineup of handsets. First up on the board is the KF700 -- a phone we've only seen grainy spy shots of -- which features a 3-inch touchscreen, sliding alpha-numeric keyboard, and a slew of multimedia functions. The KF600 is a similarly minded slider, but with a split touchscreen (one for navigation, one for major fun), a 3-megapixel camera, MP3 player, and video recorder. The other new entry is the KF510, another skinny (you guessed it) slider, this time with haptic feedback, an LCD covered in tempered glass, quick start camera with flash, the ability to record QVGA video, and "emotional animation." The KF700 and KF510 will be available in March in Europe, with other regions to follow, and the KF600 is available now. Hit the gallery to see luscious photos of the whole set just oozing silicon chic.

[Via MobileTechNews]

Gallery: LG gets official with the KF700, KF600, and KF510 | 13 Photos

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