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Square's next MMO summoned at GDC?

Chris Chester

There are so many MMOs coming to the market and announced to be in development these days that sometimes it's hard to keep track of who is doing what. If you you look at Square for instance, there's been a smattering of news over the past couple months, none of it terribly conclusive. Back in December we heard about their Virtual World, a simplistic derivative of Second Life that would operate on ad-revenue. We've also heard briefly about Concerto Gate, a free-to-play game that looks to combine the social aspects of an MMO with the super-deformed characters and battle systems of a console RPG. And lastly, we heard a bit of news last month that indicated that Square's next big MMO is already well along in development, and is currently being tested internally.

Now the latest news on the wire is that Square's Taku Murata may talk about their big new MMO at GDC next week. If you look at his personal page on the GDC website, it says that he'll be talking about how they plan to use their new engine not only in the development of the new Final Fantasy for the Playstation 3, but also for a "new MMORPG in development." With the game development climate being what it is in the absence of E3, it's entirely plausible that they'd take the veil off of the game at GDC. We'll just have to sit around and wait another week to see if every Square fanboy's dream comes true.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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