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Support a wish with the Epic Head

Amanda Miller

Whether it's through donations of money or items, taking to the streets with your running shoes, shaving off your hair, or purchasing items at a markup or from fair trade companies, almost everyone contributes to charities in one way or another.

Here at WoW Insider, we like to highlight the efforts of gamers everywhere who choose to support their charities in creative new ways, allowing them to reach out to the gaming community to engender participation.

From the charitable auctions and the infamous raffle held by the folks at the Bronze Kettle prior to Christmas 2007 in support of Child's Play, to gaming-themed merchandise like calendars, there are a myriad of routes that gamers are taking to contribute in a way that is also significant to our subculture.

Now, Krystofar, often spotted over at Gun Loving Dwarf Chick, has something epic up his sleeve to raise funds for the Make a Wish Foundation. How could we not support this?

So what has Krystofar chosen to do, and why is it so epic? Well, he'll be collecting donations and shaving his head for the cause. Not only that, but he'll be dying his hair a few weeks prior to the actual shaving event.

Normally, they ask people to dye their hair pink or blue, I presume to represent a boy or a girl, as much as to be crazy and kooky. Being the die-hard gamer that he is, Krys requested purple. Why? It's epic baby, that's why.

If you're interested in seeing a 43-year-old gamer who works for the Municipal government in Ottawa, Ontario dye his hair purple for a few weeks at the office, and then shed it all together, complete with photo documentation, then this is the gamer charitable stunt to keep an eye on.

The event will formally take place on February 14th, 2008 at 1:00 pm EST.

If you are interested in sponsoring Chris, you can visit his personal Make a Wish page and donate via credit card, or visit and donate via Paypal. If you have friends or family who might be interested, or have a blog of your own you could use to spread the word, by all means, do so. Any amount of support brings us that much closer to making a sick child's dreams come true.

Speaking of Make a Wish, many of you may remember Ezra Chatterton, who had his wish come true last spring when Blizzard whisked him away for a tour of the facilities, and set him up with developers to design a new weapon, a new character, and even a quest. If you're a tauren, you may remember feeding Ezra's dog Kyle in Bloodhoof!

For more on Ezra's adventures, made possible by Blizzard and the Make a Wish Foundation, you can read our initial coverage of the event, or ogle the super rare epic phoenix flyer, the first of which was given to Ezra. You should also check out our recent podcast of the WoW Insider Show, Episode 19: Looking Back on 2007.

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