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TR's epic Blind Race finally sees winners

Chris Chester

We reported on it last weekend, and on Saturday it finally came to fruition. Certainly fetching the honors as one of the more... bizarre in-game events we've ever heard of, for Tabula Rasa or any other game, the gregarious lot on the Planet TR forums put together the first ever Blind Race. Racers were tasked with running a marathon race through a series of predetermined check-points with their monitors turned off. Guided by the voice of a coaching partner, they had to navigate the oft-treacherous landscape of the Wilderness, the Divide, and the Plains. With the buff to enemy mobs in patch 1.4, it's difficult even making that run when you have all your senses about you, so even more kudos to Andriss and Mcloseky for their victory!

In a sadder bit of news, the DG crew rescinded an announcement in a previous community update. Due to some complication on which they didn't care to elaborate, PvP safe zones will likely not make it into patch 1.5 as expected. It's still in the pipeline, we are assured, just not for a little while. I can live with that, as long as they're using the resources to address some of the other, more easily-fixed problems with the game.

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