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Ubisoft: We've got some Wii games in the works


Game | Life managed to grab a little face time with Yannis Mallat, the head honcho at Ubisoft Montreal (Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell). They grilled him about all manner of subject in the gaming industry, but what we care about mainly was his words in regards to Nintendo's Wii console, and if we would be seeing any new Wii games from the company.

"And right now, we are developing some other Wii titles that we are going to be able to talk about soon," Mallat commented. When asked further about big budget titles having a chance to thrive on the console, Mallat said that those titles are possible for the Wii, but developing for the console is something that needs to be heavily considered. "That console specifically has to be thought of in the same way that it's been produced and designed," he said, adding "when it comes time to make games. And when you hit the right balance, success will just follow."

We don't know about you, but we're excited to hear more about these mystery games.

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