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UI changes in 2.4

Eliah Hecht

Sure, there's a new zone, including a 5-man dungeon, a raid, and a truckload of loot in patch 2.4. But what about the important stuff? It turns out we're in for a few UI changes as well. Every time Blizzard improves their interface it builds my admiration for them more, because the truth is they don't have to -- we have some fantastic Add-On developers in the community. However, incorporating must-have changes into the default UI is good for all players, and I'm glad they do it.

We've already discussed the combat log changes somewhat, talking about how users can set up filters. Another change in the log is that there are now four tabs to it, called Default, Everything, Me, and Friends. That should help to cut down on log overload, although honestly, I ditched the combat log for various floating combat text mods long ago (currently using and loving MSBT).

Additionally, the crufty Interface Options window has been renovated and categorized, much like the keyboard bindings interface was a few patches ago. This should make it much easier to toggle your helm off and on in order to confuse your guildmates. Looking through all the option screens (see Blizzplanet for screenshots), I see a few I don't recognize. "Detailed Loot Information": Anyone know what this means, and if it was in the game before? Also, I don't remember "Show free bag space" being a part of the default UI. Anyway, good improvements.

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