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Cablevision adds over 100 Discovery titles to VOD lineup -- HD versions not included

Darren Murph

Just a week after Cablevision announced that it would be offering up fresh new DVD releases through its VOD service, we're now hearing that fans of Discovery Channel will have even more reasons to stop by. Reportedly, the cable operator is adding some 100 titles from Discovery Communications to its free video-on-demand lineup, which will include the likes of Man Vs. Wild and Mythbusters along with TLC favorites Trading Spaces and LA Ink. Additionally, you can expect to receive instant gratification from Animal Planet programs such as Orangutan Island and Planet's Funniest Animals, and if that still wasn't enough, an unspecified amount of material from Discovery Kids, The Military Channel and The Travel Channel will also be made available via Discovery on Demand. So, Cablevision -- when exactly can we expect such lavish gifts in high-definition?

[Via MultichannelNews]

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