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Dojo update: Pipes and a POW block


There's a pungent retro flavor to proceedings on the dojo today, a nod to Nintendo's early history. If you'd like to know more, head past the post break for spoilers. If not, just keep on scrolling.

Whereas the Mushroomy Kingdom saw a classic Mario stage get a make-over, the newest stage in Brawl, simply titled "Mario Bros.," remains completely faithful to the original game. Even the enemies are historically accurate. Shell Creepers and Side Steppers patrol the platforms, and are just as susceptible to a timely nudge as they were in 1983. Knock them over, and you can pick them up and chuck them at your foes.

This stage is unlocked by completing Event 19: Wario Bros., but is more than a cute history lesson. Because of the tight spaces between the platforms, scoring standard KOs is far more difficult, forcing a different style of play. We've lost count of how many titles this level has appeared in as a bonus mode, but we've a feeling we might appreciate it a lot more in Brawl.



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