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DS version of Spore titled 'Spore Creatures' [update]

Justin McElroy

Update: EA has clarified that the DS version will be called Spore Creatures, while the mobile game will retain the original title -- just Spore.

Though it may share half a name with the "everything but the kitchen sink, but also, probably, a kitchen sink" sim Spore, you've probably already guessed that the DS and mobile versions of the game are going to be drastically different than its big brother. In an interview with Newsweek released today, Maxis' Lucy Bradshaw, gave some idea of what would be shed to get the game onto handhelds.

In short, the game's been designed from the ground up for the smaller platforms, eschewing all but the creature creation portion of the game. It's even adapted a different art style based on Japanese flat rod puppets (one of our top three favorite kinds of Japanese puppets). The mobile phone version pulls the zoom in even tighter, focusing only on the cell phase of Spore. If you want more info about how you'll be getting your Spore fix on the go, check the full interview here.

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