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EA extends NFL lock to 2012

Justin McElroy

Those hoping to get their NFL gaming fix from anywhere other than EA anytime soon are apparently in for a long wait: EA revealed today that it had extended its exclusive contract with the organization until the end of the 2012 season, which falls in February of 2013. A similar deal was also made with the NFL players association.

If you had been anxiously praying for the return of NFL2K, we'd be willing to bet that's never going to happen, as by 2013, we're fairly sure football will be played on the moon with jet packs, and our Earth laws will no longer apply. But take heart, Peter Moore says that EA won't be marking the 2008 20th anniversary of the game with just any Madden year. No, it's going to be above and beyond. Wait ... you mean you're rewarding our $60 with genuine effort put into the product? Just for us? Oh, Pete, you shouldn't have.

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