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Early 10.5.2 reports: some users having wireless issues


As the wanton, reckless eager early adopters of Mac OS X 10.5.2 begin to explore the update's new features and fixes, a few folks are running into a WiFi buzzsaw. Some D-Link and Westell router users have noted on Apple's support boards that their 802.11n connections are failing to authenticate post-10.5.2. Dropping the router back to 802.11g seems to straighten things out. Macfixit concurs, with user reports of ongoing wireless problems.

Considering that Apple's own Airport Extreme has come in for some criticism over the past months for dropping connections (in some cases prompting radical solutions), and that 10.5.2 has wireless fixes listed among the changes, it's both unsurprising and disappointing that the upgrade hasn't gone more smoothly for WiFi users. If you're running 10.5.2 and seeing problems with wireless, let us know below.

Thanks Scott & Greg.

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