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Factor 5 loves pretty graphics, pointing


You'll know the story by now. Factor 5 scoffed at the Wii for not having the technical grunt of other consoles, only for the Wii to suddenly start selling by the truckload. Suddenly, Factor 5 decided that it quite liked the console after all, and announced they were making a GameCube 1.5, sorry, Wii game. We welcomed them back, while reserving the right to compose smug opening paragraphs to blog posts.

But hey, just because Factor 5 may have changed its tune on the Wii, don't expect it to change its approach to development. The company is famed for squeezing every last drop of power from hardware -- see the Rogue Squadron games on the GameCube -- and company president Julian Eggebrecht says things will be no different when it comes to Factor 5's mysterious Wii project.

You can't fault the man for ambition, either. Speaking to IGN, Eggebrecht promised that Factor 5 was aiming to "outdo everything else on the platform, the same as we did for the Star Wars games back on the GameCube." We're certainly not opposed to the idea of a game that's prettier than Super Mario Galaxy, but that is one very tall order.

In the same interview, Eggebrecht also admitted to loving the pointing aspect of the Wiimote, and revealed that this was "probably the biggest innovation which we're working on right now." So there you go. Pretty graphics. Pointing. We're still no clearer on what Factor 5's game is. Though we know what we'd like it to be.

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