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Hallmark Movie Channel HD targets April launch date, but where?


Hallmark Movie Channel set a date for bringing its "whole-family" library of flicks to HDTV format, April 2. DirecTV will be first with the channel, but if your provider gets the SD feed, they will get HD at no additional cost, hopefully meaning only bandwidth considerations can stand in the way of a speedy rollout. Viewers can expect one large programming event per quarter, starting with the miniseries Son of the Dragon. The only bad news to report for fans of the network is that while a high definition version of the regular Hallmark Channel is coming, it probably won't be ready in 2008.

Update: Multichannel News has updated its article, apparently realizing that since DirecTV doesn't have Hallmark Movie Channel, it would be somewhat difficult to carry the HD version. So, this channel will debut April 2...somewhere.

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