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New Pioneer does whites, too

Steven Kim

Everybody knows that Pioneer's Kuro plasmas do dark images really well. But now Pioneer is getting into the whites as well with its upcoming Shiro Kuro. "Shiro" being Japanese for "white," this model will basically be a 50-inch 1080p Kuro display with, you guessed it, a white bezel. You know, to match your Apple gear. Seriously, though, short of the Pioneer "concept" displays shown at CES this year, it's hard for us to imagine improving on the Kuro picture quality, so we'll let this fashionista revamp pass. But we always heard that black had a slimming effect, and thinner bezels are better in our book; so for our bucks we'll stick with the standard Kuro model, thanks. No US availability announced, the Shiro Kuro will show up later this year in the UK at about £3300 ($6500).

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