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No, It's not a drinking problem

Amanda Dean
Matthan of Burning Blade brought up an issue with drinking to recover mana on the public test realm. He found that he was not receiving the normal benefit from imbibing. Hortus indicated that this phenomenon is not a bug but a change in the mechanics that ramps up mana regeneration over time. Players are used to a steady increase in mana with every tick. This change was not included in the patch 2.4 notes.

The general consensus from players is negative. Speculation suggests that the change was geared toward casters drinking Star's Tears or conjured water in the arena. Posters have made many arguments on why this would have negative consequences in the PvE environment. Many casters drink between pulls and do not usually have the opportunity to spend thirty seconds drinking in raids and instances. Incremental increases in drinking over time would inconvenience all members of a party or raid as they would have to wait for casters to fill up on mana. This could change become disastrous in chain pulls and endurance fights, where every second counts.

Suggestions include making this change only affect arena battles or to just impact Star's Tears, since aside from conjured beverages, no other beverage can be consumed in the arena. The possibility of omitting this change altogether has been made by posters with varying levels of civility. From what I could see, no one was happy about this adjustment. Personally, I can't think of anything nice to say about it, so I will say nothing at all. What do you think of this unannounced change?

EDIT: Correction on arena consumption. Thank you!

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