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SNES display kiosk up for grabs, but the price might be too high


We're not saying the cost of purchasing this SNES display kiosk is too high, because $249.99 isn't that much money (the cost of a Wii, if you can actually find one). No, the high price comes from having to pick this up locally, in Jonesboro, AR (otherwise known as "the south"). Now, we've lived in "the south" before, so we don't want to offend anyone, but we know from experience that those living down there can't be trusted.

Oh, we can regale you with the many times we were fooled by that well-known southern kindness and charm, only to awake an indiscernible amount of time later, duct-taped to a chair in a leaky, dark basement somewhere. If only we had developed muscles by participating in physical activities in the outside world, we could have ripped through that duct tape!

Anyway, this cabinet. Yeah, it looks sweet, but, as we said, you have to pick it up locally. The seller isn't willing to ship the darn thing.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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