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T-Mobile HotSpot users will get five years of Starbucks WiFi access after AT&T switchover

Nilay Patel

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Yesterday's surprising-but-not-shocking announcement that Starbucks would be switching to AT&T for WiFi services left a lot of T-Mobile customers in the lurch -- although Starbucks said that T-Mo and AT&T had an "agreement" that would let HotSpot users stay connected, there weren't a ton of details given. Well, it looks like you've got a few more years of caffeinated surfing ahead of you, guys -- T-Mobile issued a press release today saying it was committed to ensuring "minimum customer impact" during the transition, and that it's signed a five year "roaming agreement" with AT&T that will kick in when the Starbucks WiFi transition begins later this year. Of course, the ideal roaming agreement would let you use either company's networks wherever you are, not just AT&T bandwidth in Starbucks -- we'll totally spring for the coffee if these two companies want to meet and sort something like that out.

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