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Ubisoft looks to Singapore for latest studio

Jason Dobson

With offices in Montreal and a fledgling CGI film studio in Quebec, some might say that Paris-based Ubisoft was done growing – those who say that, however, would be wrong, as the company has announced the creation of a new development studio in Singapore. Why Singapore? Says Ubisoft, the decision was fueled by the region's "excellent technological infrastructure, thriving local game development industry and quality of its universities and training institutions."

The company adds that the local government's "strong support" of the gaming industry also weighed heavily in the decision, though it's unknown if this will play out similarly to Canada's financial courtship of Ubisoft in 2005. For now, what we do know is that Ubisoft is hoping to open the new branch this summer, and eventually fill its ranks with about 300 new developers just itching grind their bones against the gears of the great Ubisoft machine "in the years to come."

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