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Will Wright talks Spore on Wii, delays, procedural music

Justin McElroy

We know that after years of delays, whatever part of your heart cares about Spore has calcified and hardened. But now that it's actually, really, no kidding coming out on Sept. 7, it's probably OK to start getting pumped again, and Newsweek's N'Gai Croal is there for you to help turn your heartlight back on.

In the first part of a massive interview, Will Wright lays it all on the table and reminds you how great the game is going to be (spoiler alert: very) and why it took so long to get here. Then Wright delves into the Wii version of the game, which he says will take advantage of the Wiimote to give more control over creatures. Also in that second part, an incredibly rad explanation about how you'll be able to procedurally generate a theme song for the city in your game. ... What's the feeling stirring in our hearts? Could it be ... anticipation? Do we dare to love again? Yes. We dare.

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