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Lord of the Rings Online releases Book 12

Michael Zenke

The servers are down. Middle-earth is quiet. That can mean only one thing: Book 12 is upon us! If you haven't already gotten the update via torrent, the next time you log in you should start streaming in the biggest patch to Lord of the Rings Online yet. If you're a LOTRO player of any stripe or affiliation, you're going to have to find something to like in this monstrous addition to the game. You've read our book 12 tour rundown, you've been following along with us over the past three months as we explored the new content. You know what's in this one, right?

Howabout a recap, then? Just in updates to existing content we've got Kinship changes, the return of pirate quests, new hairstyles, big changes to Angmar, new options for player housing, reputation changes, and improved spam reporting. Several classes get big revamps, including the Champion, Burglar, and Guardian. And the new stuff! Do you think they handed out enough toys? Brand new cloaks for completing chapter 10, a new 'outfit' system and barbershop makeovers, a brand new epic storyline featuring heavy fellowship action, and ... oh yeah, an entirely new PvP/PvE dungeon.

Whether you're waiting for the servers to come back up, or just to get back home to your PC, keep yourself warm in the meantime with the ember glow of the patch notes. The green fields of Middle-earth will be back soon.

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