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Atari loses more money in Q3, reveals new games


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Atari may have a new head honcho ready to turn the company's staggering misfortune around, but it ain't gonna happen overnight. Atari stated in its Q3 report that if it wasn't for the $3.7 million restructuring charge it would have posted a net income of $3.4 million this quarter. It's nice that the company "would have" made some income, but the simple fact is Atari has a net loss of $20 million for its first three quarters.

But enough about the never-ending joke of Atari's financials, Eurogamer dug up some game information. Ignoring the scheduling mess which is Alone in the Dark, there are currently plans for another Neverwinter Nights 2 expansion, something called Airborne Rangers, and numerous other titles -- although we're sure everyone is super excited for My Horse & Me 2. Atari says it will be announcing more titles in the coming weeks "one by one." Atari's fiscal year ends in March, so expect the devastating financial results a few months later.

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