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BioWare working on proper KOTOR sequel?


A new KOTOR game was seemingly announced at an EA Analyst Meeting this morning. At the meeting a list of what were previously BioWare/Pandemic-owned studios was presented, along with the games in production at each. While there are a myriad of games on the list, the BioWare-developed list is the most interesting by far, as the contents address a host of rumors and speculation. It seems that BioWare is developing not only an MMO but a real sequel in the KOTOR series. As KOTOR fans We can't think of anyone we'd rather have develop the third (and one might think last; trilogies and all) game in the KOTOR series than BioWare. Great news, but what does this mean about the "New MMO"? Is it Star Wars based? Is it something totally new? BioWare has had success with new IP lately ... dare we say Mass Effect MMO?

[Via Joystiq]

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