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Blizzard founder talks about WoW mobile

Michael Zenke

The MTV Multiplayer site is a very reliable source for original games news reporting. Those MTV guys and gals are well connected, and last week they had the chance to chat with Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce in the waning moments of the DICE event. Pearce delved into his pocket, pulled out his Blackberry, and began dreaming of a day when World of Warcraft players would be able to chat with their guild from external sources.

There's no guarantee it is going to happen anytime soon, but (essentially confirming earlier rumors) Pearce expressed a lot of admiration for the possibilities of mobile applications. Another application they'd love to give players would be one that allows buying and selling of items via their faction Auction House remotely - again, probably from a cell phone. Mr. Pearce went on to expound on other subjects like the timeless quality of WoW graphics, and the benefits of the title's beautiful music and sound effects. Most interestingly, the Blizzard honcho was very excited about the possibility of a new version of World of Warcraft that could be streamed to players and have them in-game within 10 minutes or so.

MTV's interview offers a number of fascinating looks into the future of the biggest show in town. Joystiq has a discussion going on this subject as well; What would you want in your WoW mobile app?

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