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Cinemassively: LOTRO love songs

Moo Money

Machinima is tough to make in a game like Lord of the Rings Online. Most of the videos out there are music videos, but I wanted to rep the LOTRO crowd in my Valentine's videofest!

LOTRO musicians sure have come a long way since I tried the game in beta. All that I could muster was the same note over and over until someone begged me to stop, or threatened to report me. However, some creative individuals have come up with entire songs, coordinated with different players and instruments!

Read on for commentary and another video ...

I chose two music videos that I felt embodied the spirit of Valentine's Day. The first is Tainted Love, performed by Die Bäääänd. The second is What is Love, performed by Men in Tights. What LOTRO performance do you feel best represents Valentine's Day?

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