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Nethaera: "We do have class changes planned for patch 2.4.0."


In a thread on the General forums, Nethaera's spoken up to clarify a few issues in regards to the current patch and continued testing. She explains that with all of the major classes changes in 2.3.2, they wanted to see how they played out before adding more. However, they do in fact have more class changes planned for the current patch.

In addition, she states that the patch notes will be the main thing to watch when figuring out when more of the "progressive patching" takes place. She also clarifies that it is not their intention to create huge "undocumented" changes, and that if there are any currently undocumented, they will go into the patch notes soon.

The news that there are more class changes to come should be welcome for classes that feel that Blizzard hasn't been paying enough attention to them lately, especially Shamans. However, since we don't know for sure what the changes will be, and we were told earlier that there won't be any sweeping changes to classes this patch, we may not want to hold our breaths. Either way, with any luck, we'll see our first batch of progressive changes soon, so we can figure out what to expect when the PTRs close and it all goes live.

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