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OPM Rumour mill: GTA I/II, Street Fighter Alpha, Splinter Cell Conviction coming to PS3

Jem Alexander

The latest issue of the British mag, Official PlayStation Magazine, contains a few tasty rumours about upcoming games that might see release on the PS3. First, it states that Grand Theft Auto I and II will be heading to the PSN Store in order to quench peoples' thirsts for GTA before the fourth chapter is released. That means we can expect to see them before April. Hopefully.

Another game set to appear on the PSN Store is Street Fighter Alpha. To be honest, we're wondering why when Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is due out at some point this year. This is probably Capcom's way of telling us that it won't be out for a while yet. Finally, Splinter Cell Conviction is reckoned to be heading to the PS3 at some point, according to UK high street retailer GAME. Sounds good to us, we're always happy to welcome more games onto our favourite system. So how do these rumours make you feel, commenters?

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