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NES on our pillows isn't pain in our hearts

Candace Savino

Granted, there comes a point in your life when it should no longer look like your mom decorates your room. Still, these fantastic NES pillow cases made by Penguinotic might be too cute to resist.

Given that they're 1) handcrafted, 2) video game related, and 3) on Etsy, you can bet these covers don't come cheap. Just one will cost you $40, although if you buy two you only have to pay $70. That's still an exorbitant amount of money for pillow cases, but at least there's a small deal involved.

We're also not sure how practical they are, since the design might make sacrifices in terms of comfort. If your NES nostalgia runs deeper than your concerns of practicality, though, then there's no doubt that these covers will make your pillows incredibly awesome. Also, the next time you get so frustrated with a game that you want to throw your controller, you can just beat up your doppelganger pillow instead.

[Via Technabob]

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