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Not a "people person?" Get an iPhone


Anthropophobic* iPhone users have something to look forward to. You may remember that Apple filed a patent for an iPhone-based payment system back in December. The system would not only allow payment without interaction, but could be used as a full ordering and fulfillment notification system. But even before the patent was publicized, Phil Lu was already figuring out how to minimize any human contact with a system concept called QuickOrder.

Phil's proposal is designed around Starbucks purchasing, and it would allow ordering and payment from your iPhone. QuickOrder uses Semacode barcode technology to link iPhones to coffee orders; as he told Gizmodo, this would allow payment using your iTunes account and bypass the credit card transaction entirely. You could order from afar, pay with a finger swipe and -- if it's anything like the Starbucks I'm used to -- pick up your coffee without saying a word. For those not inclined towards being near other living beings, you're in and out with your coffee fix and nary a "hello." I feel palpable levels of anticipation emanating from hermitic sects of iPhone users everywhere.

And yes, despite a certain amount of sarcasm, I do think it's a very cool idea, even though I actually enjoy my daily chats with baristas. And I do love the mockups Phil created.

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