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PTR Notes: Miscellaneous changes

Eliah Hecht

In addition to the big change of Nethers not being BoP anymore, some other changes were pushed to the PTR tonight:

  • Commendation of Kael'thas has had its dodge rating bonus reduced from 380 to 152
  • Five epic trinket jewelcrafting recipes have been added, all with passive benefits and on use effects. See this MMO-Champion screenshot for materials.
    • Crimson Serpent: +33 Int, + 49 Stam, use: +150 damage/healing for 20 sec (2 min cooldown)
    • Empyrean Tortoise: +42 def rating, use: +165 dodge rating for 20 sec (2 min cooldown)
    • Shadowsong Panther: effective stealth level increased by one, +80 attack power, use: +320 attack power for 15 sec (2 min cooldown)
    • Khorium Boar: +84 attack power, use: summon the Khorium Boar to fight for you for 30 sec (5 min cooldown)
    • Seaspray Albatross: +18 mp5, use: restores 900 mana over 12 sec (3 min cooldown)
  • New gem cut: Regal Nightseye, +4 dodge rating, +6 stam, matches red or blue
  • Warlocks' Drain Mana buffed by 50%; top rank now drains 300 mana per second (was 200). But remember that resilience now affects mana drain, to the tune of -20% at 400 resil.
  • Paladins' Holy Shock damage buffed by about 35%, healing buffed by about 75%. Top rank now deals 721-779 damage or heals for 931-987 (was 530-574 damage or 530-574 healing).
That's a lot of changes. And now that I look at those numbers, those are big shifts for Drain Mana and Holy Shock. Is anyone now reconsidering those spells? Do you think those buffs will last through testing?

[via MMO-Champion]

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