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Trackmania DS confirmed


Typical. For absolutely ages, you wait for a decent "serious" racer to appear on the DS, and then two candidates come along in the space of days. Codemasters whipped the covers off of Race Driver: GRID on Tuesday, and now Focus Home Interactive has confirmed that a DS version of ace PC racer TrackMania is in the works. We are so not complaining about this.

Because user-created circuits are what elevated TrackMania to greatness in the first place, the DS version will ship with an extensive track editor -- FHI's press release mentions "hundreds of different design blocks." Will we be able to exchange these online, though? That's something the press release doesn't discuss, but the teaser trailer after the break may have provided us with a clue -- check out which word pops up nine seconds in.

[Via NeoGAF]

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