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Xboy: Ziff-Davis survey hints at Microsoft handheld

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A recent Ziff-Davis survey – distributed amongst subscribers to their 1UP, EGM, and Games for Windows Magazine brands – asked "If Microsoft came out with a portable gaming device (similar to PSP, Nintendo DS/Lite, etc.), how likely are you to purchase the device?" Answers are comprised of the typical survey stuff, Very Likely to Not at All Likely with a Don't Know thrown in for the more indecisive gamers out there.

While rumblings concerning the long-rumored Xboy have been plenty scarce of late, Shane Kim did address it during a Q&A at the D.I.C.E. seminar held earlier this month. As reported by Gamasutra, he said, "Never say never ... Launching a portable device is like launching a Zune, launching another Xbox 360... we have a ways to go [to compete effectively in the music space]... Zune is not just about the device, it's about the service as well."

Considering that he sure didn't seem eager to say "enn oh" the idea that Redmond is soliciting consumer interest in such a device is far from surprising. However, if they're still at the whole "Does anyone want this thing?" phase, it would be quite some time before any of us got our mitts on an honest-ta-gawd Xboy.


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