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Breakfast Topic: Hacked

Amanda Dean

My first post on WoW Insider was about a friend of mine being hacked, this time it's about me. I woke yesterday and tried to copy a character over to the public test realm as I've been doing often lately. I got a password error. I tried to log into my account- same thing. My email had this happy little surprise for me:

Hello Amanda,

The character transfers listed below have been completed as of 2/14/2008. The character[s] listed will now appear in the new location and/or account selected and are immediately available for play!

- <character> - Level 70 Tauren Shaman - now on realm: Blade's Edge.

I recovered my password and logged into my account. Of course all of the bags on my characters were empty. I found my shaman logged into Shadow Labyrinth on a different realm with 38 minutes left on her Hearthstone cooldown. I'm very happy that although nearly-naked, my Paladin is still wielding her Lionheart Blade. My poor, dear Shaman is currently wasting away on a PvE realm. (Oh why couldn't they have moved the Pally instead?)

I'm careful with my account. I don't share my password. I don't even use AddOns. I do visit many WoW-related sites to find out the latest, greatest info for WoW Insider. I'm not sure where the keyloggercame from, but it slipped past my anti-virus measures. I found the customer service representatives to be rather curt and unhelpful. I was told that I will hear something about my account in the next week or two.

For those of you who have experienced this before, what was your experience like in retrieving your characters? Did anyone have PvP to PvE transfers reversed or refused? Did you feel as angry and violated as I do right now?

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