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Disney announces off-road racer Pure

Racing games are broken up into various sub-genres to help differentiate the appeal they'll have to different demographics of gamers. Simulation, arcade, kart, destruction, clown-car and off-road are all standard in the racing world and Disney has just announced plans to jump into the fray. Introducing Pure, an off-road experience that's promised to "redefine" the off-road sub-genre. However, with the recent releases of Dirt and the PS3 exclusive Motorstorm off-road racing has been getting a strong push for quality releases.

While the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC title isn't slated to hit shelves until late 2008 it's unclear how Disney's Brighton, England studio Black Rock, formerly known as Climax Racing, is going to wow audiences. While we're sure the studio is passionate about the possibilities new hardware offers, the buzz-word promises they threw at of "breakneck racing" and "jaw-dropping aerial tricks," just invoke memories of Black Rock's previous franchise ATV Off-Road Fury. But hey, here's hoping they'll prove us wrong.

[Via Joystiq]


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