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Former Naughty Dog staff form new team, Big Red Button


Naughty Dog, known for their work on Sony franchises, like Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter and most recently, Uncharted, is one of the most well-respected development teams in the industry today. So, when two high-profile former staff of Naughty Dog go somewhere new, heads undoubtedly turn.

The two co-founders have a long history with Naughty Dog: Bob Rafei was the Art Director of Naughty Dog for the past 13 years. E. Daniel Arey acted as Senior Designer and Creative Director of Naughty Dog for ten years. The two have teamed up to make a studio focused on original characters -- they want to become "the United Artists of games."

According to their website: "Our commitment is to make not just fun, engaging and compelling games, but games that everyone can play, and everyone will want to play. We at BRB share this long term vision, intending to grow the gaming market, both in terms of age and gender demographics, as well as in emotional appeal." Currently, they have six IPs in "concept development." We wish this new team best of luck, but looking at the pedigree of their games, we doubt they need it.

[Via Joystiq]

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