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iTunes compiles Rock Band tracks


I've been rocking on Rock Band almost since it came out (almost done with expert on guitar and hard on drums -- stupid bass pedal is driving me nuts -- and the band my friends and I formed, Fel and the Boatmen, just got ourselves a jet). And now, iTunes has made it easy to rock even away from the game: they've collected all the Rock Band tracks all in one place. That's the good news -- the bad news is that all together, the tracks will cost you a whopping $73.26. That's still 99 cents a song, so exactly no price cuts for a bundle purchase.

The tracks don't exactly match up to the game, either; first of all, even where the game has cover tracks, iTunes has the original artists (and sometimes, live versions of the tracks, which aren't necessarily the same as the game). And there are no bonus tracks -- Freezepop is in iTunes (as is Mother Hips, my other favorite bonus song) but not on the Rock Band list at all. Still, if you absolutely have to own one of the Rock Band songs, I guess it's nice that iTunes put them all in one place for you.

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