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NCRage goes toe to toe with "Critters"


NCRage (a new website dedicated to all things NCsoft, so you know I'm a member) recently sat down with Amy "Critters" Crider, the Tabula Rasa Community Coordinator, and talked about her role, the community program, and what the dev team is working on next.

Rage asked her about the interesting dynamic between TR and the fan community, specifically in regards to the fact that unlike CoX, Tabula Rasa does not have any official forums. They're all run through third party fansites. Part of Critters job is to work directly with them by promoting their features and events. She personally visit them daily to address or note hot topics, and provides "official" responses on a regular basis. In fact, the community is so important that issues in the past have been bumped up on the "To Do" list. One example given by Critters was item rarity. The whole concept was "introduced to make mission rewards more important and make it easier to recognize an item's worth." Plus, several emotes were added based on player suggestion.

Be sure to check out the whole interview with Critters. It goes without saying that NCsoft knows how to run an MMO. The players make the game, and giving them this much access, attention and say is undoubtedly something that other, less gamer-friendly MMOs, should take to heart.

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