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PTR Notes: Resto set changed again

Eliah Hecht

When I reported this morning that the Restoration Druid arena sets were having their four-piece bonus changed from +15% outdoor movement speed to -0.25 sec to Healing Touch casting time, many druids were, reasonably, upset. Perhaps you will be pleased to learn that in the next PTR build, the bonus is being changed again, this time to -0.2 sec to Regrowth casting time. Furthermore, the Feral four-piece bonus (movement speed increase) will now apply to Cheetah again (source). Are you druids mollified now?

This is another good example of the progressive testing nature of patch 2.4. Sure, the blues always say "don't panic, it's testing, it might change" when people complain about things on the PTRs, but more often than not the initial PTR changes survive largely intact into the live patch. Not so in this patch so far, which is good if you ask me. I like to see Blizz take player feedback more seriously, since sometimes we do indeed know what we're talking about.

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